Review Policy

I will happily accept books for reviews from authors and publishers. If you are interested in me reviewing your book, send me the details of your work. The contact info can be found at the bottom of the post. Also feel free to contact me regarding author interviews, guest posts, promos and giveaways.
We post our reviews on this  blog and Goodreads, at the moment. If you wish me to post one of the reviews anywhere else  I’ll easily provide your request. I will always provide the link to my review once it is written and published on one of the sites mentioned.
Please keep in mind that I cannot guarantee to read and review a book in a very short time period. Because of our personal work and studies, I'm not always able to read as much as I would like to. If you would like to have a review before a certain date, please mention that in the e-mail and I will try my hardest to acquire that.
In addition, if the book is part of a series and I have not read any previous books of that series, I will ask that they be included in any review request.
I read a wide range of books - including middle grade, young adult, new adult and adult fiction - but I will not currently accept these genres:  Christian/Religious Fiction and Erotica.
I also would like the right to decline a request if I feel that there is a subject matter that makes me uncomfortable while reading it. 
  • MOBI and EPUB are preferred but any ebook format would be fine.
  • Considering physical review copies, please be aware that I currently live in Romania.
Rating System
All books are rated on star system.
★★★★★ I  absolutely loved it and I highly recommend it.  
★★★★ I liked it a lot. It was great read.
★★★ I really enjoyed it but there was something missing or I didn’t like a certain aspect of it.
★★ I didn’t like it very much. It was just okay.
★ I really disliked it. Not recommending at all. 

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